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History of Acapulco

History of Acapulco
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Acapulco was an unspoiled paradise located in the Pacific coast 3,000 years ago. Its first inhabitants were the Nahuas, the tribe predecessor of the Aztecs, according to archaeological findings dating back to over 2,000 years ago. It’s name is derived from ancient Náhuatl words meaning “place of giant reeds.” The “de Juárez” was then officially added to its name in 1885 in honor of the former Mexican president, Benito Juárez. Dive into Acapulco’s history and know how it has been known as one of the great cities in Mexico. Before it became known as Acapulco of Mexico, Francisco Chico, on behalf of the Spanish Crown, arrived in this area. He was the first ever foreigner to step on Mexican territory, and named it Santa Lucia in 1521. The newly-founded city quickly escalated into an important trading center between Asia and America. Its economy boomed and resulted to an increase of population; moreover, its wealth attracted the attention of legendary pirates such as Sir Francis Drake, Morgan and Cavendish. Due to frequent pirate attacks, a castle was built by the Spaniards to protect their investment and called it Fuerte de San Diego. However, as the area was near the Pacific ocean, it was prone to earthquakes which destroyed the castle in the 18th century; however, it was rebuilt on the same era. Yet, what stole the city’s glory was not the pirate attacks but the Mexican War of Independence when it was burnt down, thus killing the trade route. It had its chance to catapult and regain its importance during the California Gold Rush when many of the ships to Panama stopped over its port. During those times, a lot of the passengers were fascinated by its beaches’ natural beauty that some of them settled down in the city.

The Beauty of Acapulco and More

Beaches in Acapulco
Be stunned by the naturally-beautiful beaches in Acapulco, Mexico.

Because of its naturally-beautiful beaches, Acapulco began its journey on becoming an important tourist destination with the visit of the Prince of Wales and future King Edward VIII. It charmed royalties who recommended the place all around Europe. It has then become a getaway for hollywood celebrities and millionaires from all around the world such as Elizabeth Taylor, Frank Sinatra, Eddie Fisher and Brigitte Bardot. Its economy has boomed and along with it are foreign investments which had made the city a world-class destination.

New hotels were built and accommodation and transportation have been made cheaper during the years of 1960 up to 1970. It has expanded its audience from hollywood celebrities and millionaires to Mexican middle-class individuals. Due to a bigger population of tourists coming in and out of the city, there was a need to expand the port.

Acapulco has crossed even more barriers during the 1990s. The road known as the Ruta de sola was built to overcome the boundaries of the city’s accessibility to Mexico because of its mountains. The journey can take about three and a half hours which had made Acapulco the favorite weekend place of most Mexico City inhabitants during the time.

It was this time that increased the impact of the city’s economy positively which resulted to the emergence of Colegio Nautilus. This educational project was backed up by the state government; this was created for the families of local and foreign investors and businessmen living in Acapulco who were in need of a bilingual and international education for their children.

In today’s time, the pearl of the Pacific is competing against other famous Mexican cities such as Cancun, Cabo and Puerto Vallarta. Though it may have been modernized by time and technology, it has remained its exotic, exciting and cosmopolitan aura. A lot of hotels have now been established as well as night clubs that will surely make your stay in the city enjoyable.

The nightlife in Acapulco has always been a major draw of the city to its tourists. Its reputation is that of a high-energy party town. It is a place where you can have dinner at midnight, dance until dawn and relax on the daytime at the beach. There are more than a hundred activities you can enjoy and a number of wonderful places you can be amazed of during your stay in Acapulco.

Surely, its modern yet historically and naturally captivating aura will get your attention transfixed to the city as to how much beauty it possesses. The good thing is, the more you discover things about the pearl of the Pacific, the more it surprises you especially when it comes to its equally captivating women.

The history of Acapulco can speak a lot on why the city has such a huge Hispanic influence. Its culture is lively and interesting as any other Hispanic culture out there. Experience how exciting Acapulco culture is, be amazed of the tourist destinations it has and maybe fall in love with the dazzling Acapulco women. Sign up now and be the next lucky guy to have a glorious Acapulco experience!

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, February 26, 2020 - Tuesday, March 3, 2020
You have to meet the women to marry them! We have group singles tours departing nearly every month!