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Acapulco Women - Culture and Traditions of These Beautiful Mexican Women

Like the rest of the modern world, Mexico has undergone a massive transformation. It has populous cities and advanced technology. The local tourism scene is booming because of its beautiful beaches and historic locations. However, with all these modernizations, the country still practices its cultures and traditions.

Religion & Religious Values

Mexicans are deeply entrenched in religion and religious values. A large percentage of its people practice Roman Catholicism, and the country's patron saint is the Lady of Guadalupe. Mexico is still a secular state, even though almost 90 percent of the population are Roman Catholics. Other religions being practiced in the country are Protestantism, Islam, Mormon, Buddhism, Judaism and many more.

Religious beliefs play a heavy role in influencing Mexicans as they place high value on family and being good to other people. Mexican women are especially held to the standard of "Marianismo" in which they take on traditional gender roles which is rooted from the veneration of the Virgin Mary.

Latin women in general aspire to be the ideal woman like Mary, mother of Jesus. Their religious devotion has led them to become caring, emotional, feminine, kind, compliant, docile and especially receptive to their husbands, children, and family. Their faith in a higher being is almost always the foundation of how they think and interact with people.

Music and Dance

Mexican people are fiercely proud of their native heritage in music and dancing. Passed down from their ancestors, this gave way to the famed folk style of music, including Mariachi, Ranchera, Banda, and Nortenyo. Like many Latin people, Mexicans have the same fervor for dancing. It's not surprising at all that they have natural rhythms that make them good dancers and singers.

Mexican Telenovelas & Soap Operas

Telenovelas and soap operas are extremely popular in Mexico, especially among women. These television series’ show times vary, but it is usually cast in the afternoon, or during dinner.

The most popular genres that Mexican women watch are working-class melodramas, teen dramas, mystery/thrillers, historical romances and romantic comedies. Groups of women who are friends with each other are often seen together huddled in someone’s house to watch the shows together.


One of the best things to look forward to when visiting Mexico are holiday events or fiestas. Mexicans know how to party and they have a lot of holidays, including the famed Dia de los Muertos or the Day of the Dead, Christmas, Lent, Easter, Independence Day, the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, and many others. Fiestas are usually celebrated with music, food, booze, and fireworks.


Food is always a staple in every gathering and Mexican women are usually good cooks that are deeply involved in its planning, preparation, and cooking. The most well-known Mexican dishes include enchiladas, tamales, burritos, and tacos. Good food is best paired with drinks and spirits like the popular horchata and tequila. The best way to experience the food culture in the country is to attend their national holidays and fiestas.

Acapulco Women: Traditional, Family-Oriented, and Loving

Mexican women have a strong and complex bond with their families especially with their mothers. Due to a rich culture and religious beliefs, women growing up were taught about their place in society and what is expected of their genders.

This is why women in Mexico are religious, traditional, family-oriented, and more submissive to their partners. More reasons why Acapulco women make the best wives and mothers:

  1. They’re good cooks – No fiesta or gathering is complete without food and no good food is made without a dedicated cook in the kitchen and they are usually women. You’ll never go hungry as a guest in a Mexican household.

    Food is a big part of their national identity so it is always plentiful because their hospitable ways compel them to never let guests go home hungry. Mexican women are good cooks because it is a tradition in every household and daughters are taught early in their lives how to make their famed dishes.

  2. They’re passionate – Even though these women are submissive and prefer filling out traditional gender roles, they are exquisitely passionate which makes them both a gift and a challenge to their husbands. When it comes to love, they hold nothing back so expect to be truly taken care of with every need catered to.

    However, when it comes to issues and marital troubles, expect her to be just as thorough. They don’t walk around the issue and expect direct communication which is great because marriage with a Mexican woman will keep you honest and up your game.

  3. They’re affectionate – Mexican women are affectionate creatures and they’re not shy about it too. Whether just at home or in a public place, they are showy with their adoration and affection that they are comfortable with kissing or hugs anywhere they choose to because they want to. Children are especially coddled and given lots of treats to the point of spoiling them.

  4. They’re obsessed with being healthy - Mexican women know all about organic healthy living. They prefer proven home remedies like lemon tea for coughs and colds, herbs for stomach pain and nausea and more.

    Furthermore, they also know about having a healthy meal plan because they understand that traditional foods can sometimes be too rich if eaten every day. There will be lots of fruits and veggies and hold tacos and enchiladas for special occasions only.

  5. They always look and dress well - Mexican women know their value and worth physically and as a person that is why they do what they can to be the best versions of themselves.

    They understand that men are visual creatures and love coming home to a wife that always looks their best. That is why they always have perfectly coifed hair, perfect makeup and spend time planning elegant outfits even if they just stay at home.

Dating Culture in Acapulco

Even in Acapulco dating culture, men and women take the stereotypical gender roles. Mexican men always make the first move, and are expected to pay for everything in the date because they have been raised knowing to be the providers of the family.

Mexican women also know this to be true. Displays of affection may be the norm even if it’s the first date. However, the more conservative chicas are not receptive to this.

There may be some step backs when it comes multi-cultural relationships, especially if foreign men date Mexican women. However, once cultural differences are set aside and customs and traditions are learned, relationships and marriages will be smooth sailing.

Dating women from another culture, especially women in Acapulco, is no different than dating someone from different backgrounds. Dating is the same everywhere, and unique cultures and dating rules should not matter, especially if two people enjoy each other and find a way to make their relationship work despite differences.

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Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, June 20, 2018 - Tuesday, June 26, 2018
You have to meet the women to marry them! We have group singles tours departing nearly every month!